Lions lookout Hong Kong Victoria Peak


The Starving Artist came in to fruition during the summer of 2017.  As a newly graduated artist from the Queensland College of Art, she knew that she had to take the wheel & become the maker of her own destiny. 

During her first year, The Starving Artist blogged about anything & everything she could whilst working full time (overtime!) in a commercial kitchen.

Her earlier blogs strived to put the spotlight on new & emerging artists within her own community & to provide introductory information about specialty coffee. These posts were to set up the foundation for what was to come in 2018. 

After working hard & building an engaged audience; intrigued with her determination for something more. The Starving Artist packed her bags & set off for South East Asia indefinitely. 

Combining her long-lasting love for photography & creative writing — The Starving Artist hopes to build a community of informed travelers who share her passion.

 In addition to this she also aims to share some of the best specialty coffee stores around the world.  She believes no one should be without good coffee as it really helps getting out of bed that much easier! 

If you are new to the site why not delve into the archives & read some lighthearted artist interviews to get your creative juices flowing:  

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or  simply search for something you are interested in!

To keep updated with The Starving Artist's whereabouts look to the announcement bar at the top of the page & feel free to reach out to her with any questions, queries or business opportunities.