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How to cross the road in Vietnam safely

Tips and tricks to crossing the road safely in South East Asia. Crossing the road safely is something we all learnt at a very young age. Look right, look left, look right again. In conjunction with this practise; depth perception & timing plays a huge role in crossing the road. But what happens when traffic isn’t orderly? When traffic is moving at all different speeds in all different directions? How do you cross the road when there is hardly any space between traffic? Where you need to be going is on the other side of a busy road & in your mind you're wondering if you’re going to arrive in one piece. These questions plague the minds of people who first see the chaotic traffic in countries like Vietnam or Thailand. In this blog I’m going to tell you a few tricks to crossing the road safely in Vietnam.

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The best way to explore a new city like a local!

Geocaching is creative tourism at its finest. As a slow traveller I love making connections to the places I visit. A rushed itinerary that jumps from place to place over a couple of days is just not my style. I love staying in one location for at least 2 weeks & being able to soak up the entire atmosphere without feeling the pressure of having to get to the next place. Slow travel has lots of positives, however there is one negative I have found. Being all consumed with one location doesn’t leave much time to plan for the next. So to overcome this issue, I’ve found a really fun & interesting way to discover a new city or location like a local; with little to no research required!

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The best foreigner friendly Izakaya in Tokyo!

Where to find the best Izakaya in Tokyo. I had the best Izakaya experience & ate the most delicious food. Foreigner friendly & very entertaining! If you want to dive head first into the deep end of Tokyo's Izakaya culture I highly recommend Bakawarai. I mean the name says it all! "Laughing idiot" !! 

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