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In the heart of Brisbane lies a little slice of Art Deco heaven & the scouting eye behind it is Alice Porter. Alice has been a friend of mine for many years & much to my bemusement her attention to detail in the fine arts, design & architectural sphere has afforded her many a unique & curated op shop find. As I go to the counter with my mustard yellow bag, textiles & a pearlescent plate ( one that resembles something from my great Aunts house. Locked in a cabinet, In a room that no one can enter, in fear of disturbing the air; causing all the dust to fill our lungs & kill us).....Alice is next to me  sporting a portrait of a fine lady in a emerald dress & a new vase that compliments the very soul of every bouquet to extend from it that day forward.

In this apartment, contemporary forms coexist with original design.

But alas, "The apartment" is no more, as it has  evolved over many months into a sanctuary & home for Alice & her husband David. Intuitive ideas have transformed into realities & the creative process has not gone unnoticed by friends & family. I, like many other people in David & Alice's life, find myself thinking of them through art, design & native flora. Naturally to follow, many additions come attached with memories & stories of their own spanning through many relationships, time periods, countries & personal celebrations. Its a space that is forever changing due to Alice & Davids creative motivation to explore and experiment as well as the keen eyes of friends & loved ones.


Alice was so kind to let me capture her home & here I share with you my favourite details. 



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Art deco inspired apartment. Interior design inspiration.