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Kobe is world renowned for one thing; Kobe Beef, but I'm going to save that topic for another blog post.

Today I bring you Beyond Coffee Roasters.


I was shown this quaint spot by a new friend I met in Osaka. Sumika was working behind the bar at a cafe called White Bird in Osaka & after speaking about coffee for a little while; sharing places we've been or recommend, she invited me to Kobe to meet with her friend Saki. As I waited for Sumika to finish her shift, I copied the locations of her favourite coffee shops into my google maps (the save button is a Hail Mary) & sipped on a perfect filter (READ MORE ABOUT WHITE BIRD COFFEE HERE). 

We made our way to Shin Osaka station, to take the train to Kobe. I had never been to Kobe at this point, as I was saving my trip there to taste some Kobe beef. Despite this, I hopped on a train with Sumika & thus our adventure began. But not before picking up some 551 Horai steamed buns. 

If you are visiting Osaka, Kyoto, Nara or Kobe it is an excellent idea to try these magnificent steam buns. From the first bite, I was addicted. You can only get these special buns in the above-listed areas in Japan. At some major train stations in these areas, you can pick up a box of cold ones as a souvenir to steam at your next destination. Now, that's forward thinking!

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Beyond coffee roasters street view
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After arriving at Kobe Sannomiya station we made the short walk to Beyond Coffee Roasters. It was a small coffee stand with no seating room but this didn't matter. Saki helped me choose a beautiful filter while Sumika opted for something left of center. It was an espresso shot over ice, topped with grapefruit soda. To my surprise it was delicious. I asked if this was a common beverage & Saki laughed, saying it was the first time she had tried this combination. 

Across the road from the coffee shop, tucked inside a small house is the roastery. I ventured to have a look, but as it was dark I couldn't see much besides the silhouettes of the people inside. For a quick takeaway coffee in Kobe, Beyond Coffee Roasters is an excellent choice. 

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