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The Baristro at Ping River || Thailand specialty coffee guide

The Baristro at Ping River Chiang Mai. A cafe you must visit whilst staying in Chiang Mai. Thailand specialty coffee guide. Enjoy unique beverages on the rapid flowing Ping River.

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Flour Flour Loaf Chiang Mai || Thailand Specialty Coffee Guide

Flour Flour Loaf Chiang Mai Thailand. Specialty coffee guide Thailand. Where to get fresh healthy big breakfast in Chiang Mai. Unique drinks like iced coffee infused with the ingredient Tian Op เทียนอบ (Thai dessert candle). Freshly baked bread in Chiang Mai.

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Progress coffee Hiroshima || Japan specialty coffee guide

Progress coffee cafe in Hiroshima Japan. Japan specialty coffee guide. Cute animal latte art in Hiroshima. 3D latte art Japan. Cocktail bar Hiroshima.

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