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South Korean food you must try!

Food you must try in South Korea. Try some healthy Korean food like gimbap and bibimbap. Tantalise your tastebuds with some spicy stir-fried chicken galbi. Or try something off the beaten path like Naengmyeon (Cold noodles). Korean food is made to be shared ,so grab a few friends and go on a food crawl.

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Owl's Choux ice cream in Hong Kong

Owl's Choux ice cream in Hong Kong. Try freshly made gelato near Tsim Cha Tsui Kowloon Island. Handcrafted Choux pastry with delicious gelato. Best gelato in Hong Kong.

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180 Coffee Roasters Common Ground Seoul || Korea Specialty Coffee Guide

180 Coffee Roasters at Common Ground Seongsu Seoul South Korea. Specialty coffee guide South Korea. At 180 Coffee Roasters they are serving up award winning cold brew, espresso and specialty coffee recipes.

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A look at contemporary art in Seoul South Korea

Taking a look at art culture in Seoul South Korea. Major art gallery insights, public art & graffiti. Seoul museum of art. Contemporary modern art in Seoul. Spend the better part of the day at some of the many (air-conditioned) art galleries scattered around the area of Jongno-gu. Alternatively you can walk the streets near Seongsu station and find all the hidden murals. There are many public works of art scattered all around Seoul and you simply cannot ignore the contemporary architecture that has made its mark on the city skyline. I spent a few weeks in Seoul and I absolutely fell in love with their dedication to making art accessible to everyone. There is no shortage of creative stimulation in Seoul.

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Progress coffee Hiroshima || Japan specialty coffee guide

Progress coffee cafe in Hiroshima Japan. Japan specialty coffee guide. Cute animal latte art in Hiroshima. 3D latte art Japan. Cocktail bar Hiroshima.

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The Cupping Room || Hong Kong Specialty Coffee Guide
Moment Coffee || South Korea Specialty Coffee Guide

Good coffee near Hongik University Seoul South Korea. Moment Coffee is the best specialty coffee near Hongdae shopping street. South Korea specialty coffee guide.

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Oakley Coffee Stand Seongsu || South Korea Specialty Coffee Guide

Oakley coffee stand in Seoul South Korea. Visit this specialty coffee shop on your way to Seoul Forest as an easy day trip. Good coffee near Seoungsu. Specialty coffee guide Seoul South Korea. Brooklyn of Seoul.

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First time flying: tips for navigating through the airport without a hitch

First time flying: Tips for navigating through the airport.

When do I go through security at the airport? How far in advance do I have to be at the airport before my flight? What is and isn’t allowed in my luggage or carry on? What is the difference between customs and immigration?

These are all questions I will help answer plus a few hacks that will make your transition to the boarding gate and in the air a whole lot smoother. 

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Travel hacks and apps every frequent flyer needs to know

In this blog I want to share with you a few apps and travel hacks that every frequent or not so frequent flyer should know. These apps and airport hacks will help streamline the time you spend at the airport; so you can get to the boarding gate and up in the air faster. Hassle free flying. Airport travel tips.

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Where to try Cà phê trứng (egg coffee) in Vietnam || Vietnam specialty coffee guide

Where to try Cà phê trứng egg coffee in Hanoi Vietnam. What is egg coffee? Loading T Cafe serves the best egg coffee in Hanoi.

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A beginner’s guide to the Japanese onsen

Beginners guide to the Japanese Onsen. Etiquette you must know before going to an Onsen. What do I wear to an onsen? Are tattoos allowed at Japanese Onsens? What is an onsen? How much does an onsen cost?

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