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Owl's Choux ice cream in Hong Kong

Owl's Choux ice cream in Hong Kong. Try freshly made gelato near Tsim Cha Tsui Kowloon Island. Handcrafted Choux pastry with delicious gelato. Best gelato in Hong Kong.

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The Cupping Room || Hong Kong Specialty Coffee Guide
Travel hacks and apps every frequent flyer needs to know

In this blog I want to share with you a few apps and travel hacks that every frequent or not so frequent flyer should know. These apps and airport hacks will help streamline the time you spend at the airport; so you can get to the boarding gate and up in the air faster. Hassle free flying. Airport travel tips.

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STORY TIME || Hong Kong kitchen nightmare!

Travel story time of when I saw the backend of a kitchen in Hong Kong. Funny travel story about almost peeing my pants on the streets of Hong Kong & the lengths I had to go to, to use a public toilet. Kitchen nightmare story. Hong Kong must have app.

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