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Items every long-term female traveler should pack

Packing essentials for long term female traveler. What to pack if you are traveling long term. Carry on packing essentials.

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Best view of Ha long Bay - How to get to Bai Tho (Poem Mountain) || Story time

Best view of Ha Long Bay Vietnam. Ha Long Bay ( “Descending Dragon”) is a truly magical place. It is easy to see why it has become a UNESCO World Heritage site, with its beautiful emerald waters & the thousands of limestone islands dotting the horizon. These rock formations were said to be formed by dragons spitting out jewels into the sea to create a protective barrier form invading ships. To fully appreciate the wonder of Ha Long you can always take a junk cruise; however, if you’d rather get an aerial viewpoint of Ha long bay at sunset then look no further than Poem Mountain. In this blog I will tell you how to get to Poem Mountain as its entrance is located in a residential area in a locals home.

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The best way to explore a new city like a local!

Geocaching is creative tourism at its finest. As a slow traveller I love making connections to the places I visit. A rushed itinerary that jumps from place to place over a couple of days is just not my style. I love staying in one location for at least 2 weeks & being able to soak up the entire atmosphere without feeling the pressure of having to get to the next place. Slow travel has lots of positives, however there is one negative I have found. Being all consumed with one location doesn’t leave much time to plan for the next. So to overcome this issue, I’ve found a really fun & interesting way to discover a new city or location like a local; with little to no research required!

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