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200, 13 B Avenue, Tambon Su Thep, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand

I had the pleasure of having this bright, salubrious and truly delicious specialty coffee store right in my back pocket during my stay in Chiang Mai. From the moment I stepped through the door to when I was saying a happy goodbye I was in heaven. Not only are the staff at Flour Flour Loaf truly kind artisans they also excell in their concise but ambrosial coffee and food offerings.

Craving eggs on toast I found exactly what I wanted on their simply designed menu. A thick slab of freshly made sourdough caught my eye. I was told by one of the bakers the loaf was made with wild yeast from Chiang Mai. It was an interesting process that I listened to while I shoveled soft, fluffy scrambled eggs into my mouth.

Tian Op เทียนอบ inspired specialty coffee at Flour Flour Loaf Chiang Mai.

Tian Op เทียนอบ inspired specialty coffee at Flour Flour Loaf Chiang Mai.

I tried all the coffee offerings including some off the menu specials. The consistency and flavour was a match made in heaven. Not only this but the specials were creative and unprecedented. Ask for the Tian Op inspired coffee (pictured). It will knock your socks off.

In between specials I mostly started my day with an iced cold brew to keep the sweat off my brow.

A cat laid gingerly outside watching the local peacock pace up and down the store front. The front of the shop had all the happenings and it’s where you will find a scrumptious selection of baked goods.

I couldn’t go past a brioche donut decked out with peanut butter and crispy bacon. I have a bit of a sweet tooth so the following day I tried their charcoal bread topped with peanut butter, figs and pomegranates for breakfast.

The staff were so friendly and even showed me a few local places to eat in old town. The food didn’t disappoint! Everyday I was greeted with smiles and a few tidbits about the bakery, local coffee and Thai culture.

I was truly sad to leave Chiang Mai and I am forever grateful for the outstanding hospitality and the unique take on specialty coffee Flour Flour Loaf had to offer.

Although small in scale they execute so beautifully everything thing they do — not only behind the espresso machine, but in the bakery and kitchen.

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