How to reach your goals in 2019


When trying to write this piece I was completely stumped on how to write the introduction. Reaching your goals is such a motivational, awe-inspiring topic that oozes such optimism, that it quite frankly it makes me sick. To bypass the cookie cutter inspirational quote I thought in literal terms. 

*goal ɡəʊl/ noun

  • (in football, rugby, hockey, and some other games) a pair of posts linked by a crossbar and typically with a net between, forming a space into or over which the ball has to be sent in order to score.

  • the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. "he achieved his goal of becoming King of England"*


A goal is the aim of the game in all respects. Just for something to do I googled "The aim of the game", you know; for one of those Pinterest quotes. What loaded before me was something completely beside the point. I somehow jumped down the rabbit hole of The World Flying Disc Federation and I really wanted to join. You're welcome for the link and  I think this constitutes as a pretty okay introduction so lets keep it moving. 



Before you even begin to think about achieving your goals I must say this with great importance. The outcome & velocity of your goal will not come over night, without effort & strategy. There are times when it may seem that things have come easily, even big things. But without the foundations you set; (which require patience & time) those "overnight" miracles/breakthroughs would never be able to exist. 

basketball goal


This first step may seem formulaic but I have yet to see it faulted.

In the beginning identify what your goals are. Write them down. Whether they are long term, short term or just for that day. Now arrange them into the former categories; long term & short term. Now within those parameters, set a realistic deadline/prerequisite for when you wish to achieve those goals. For example my goals in 2017 as follows (Identifiable by L & S symbols with their deadlines)

  • Start a blog (s) (JANUARY 2017)

  • Write one blog a month minimum (s) (Once a month)

  • Get fit for big trip (carrying pack 25kg) (l) (End of 2017)

  • Move overseas (l) ( Feb/March 2018)

  • Save money to move to overseas (l) ($500/ week)

  • Content for blog: Interview about Artists at Reverends (s) (Every art show)

  • More photography work (s) (photograph for blog posts every month/Instagram weekly)

  • Experiment with food at work (l) (Change menu every few months)

  • Go to Melbourne (l) ( JULY)

Now that your goals are literally staring back at you we can really get the creative juices flowing. 

NB: Your goals will change over time. Do not fear if as you go along one of your goals takes the back burner. It may have been a stepping stone to one of your much larger goals. 



The first 17 seconds of your waking day are the most important. 

In that moment think about your goal/s. Let it embody you & fill your mind. Now it’s easy to think of your goal, but what’s not easy is to keep on that positive train. When faced with a big obstacle or a haze obstructing the trail to your goal at the top of the mountain; it’s easy to fall into the all too familiar talk of,

" It’s too hard, I don't know how, I'm not the person who can do this & its going to fail."  But with those types of thoughts no progress is made. So let’s go back. 


Think of your goal for 17 seconds. Think of it as its already happened. Its in full swing & you know how you're going to feel when you achieve it. Now from that good start, offshoot ideas begin to appear. You think of a good idea that leads to another good idea that leads to another good idea; leading you in a positive direction. The ideas that come from this simple exercise will be the ideas that are needed to spark the momentum of your goal.  

17 seconds of pure thought will, with intensity and desire, work its way up to 68 second. 68 seconds of thinking about what YOU want to do is what every single person should be doing this AM.  This may be seen as daydreaming but if you wake up with this mentality every morning about the things you want to achieve then you will be more inclined to walk the walk

However, like I said earlier the same applies to negative thought. What you focus your attention on will come into your life through The Law of Attraction, whether good or bad. 



Now I don't know about you, but for me after having that 68 second brain storm explosion I think & talk about my goals non stop.

I’m excited, Im inspired and most importantly I'm highly motivated. Using words like "I am" instead of "I wish" and "Im going to" instead of "I want to" are very, very important in this step. When talking to people or even just yourself over the course of the day its important to use language that gives the impression that you've already done it or very close to succeeding. The thirst for your goal will drive you to seek out good habits, instances, support networks, or corresponding dialogue/networking that will further your plight. 

This may sound like your tooting your own  horn or that you are self absorbed but you're not. You are manifesting your goal. When you put your idea out into the world enough times you will generate an interaction/reaction. You will begin to make choices in the right direction because either

A) You are being held accountable. You are speaking in terms of doing instead of wanting or wishing


B) Someone whom you have spoken to has remembered your goal & they may have a experience in the field, opportunities or ideas for you in the future or maybe thats their goal too & you can work together. 


The more you talk/think about your goals the more they will manifest themselves in your life. For example, when making a big decision about...lets say a car. You may have your sights set on a particular model. From that moment on you may find that the car you have focused your energy on may reveal itself to you more frequently. In actual reality, the car was always there, it is only more prominent because you are so focused on it. 




Now from this manifestation you may have a million ideas floating around in your head. Ideas that make up small components that come together to build your goal. Now thats what your deadline is for. You have set an estimated time that you think is realistically possible to reach your goal. You made this deadline before you even manifested.

This demonstrates your knowledge of your limitations/skillset, thus forming a realistic deadline) Now let’s go deeper. Within that deadline you have so many hours that can be utilised to take those tiny steps and all you have to do is organise them.  I did a post on organisation and I wholeheartedly believe that organisation of ones space & time can lead to great productivity. In terms of reaching your goals I highly recommend the Bullet Journaling System . Read More Here




That's it. Repeat & fine tune these steps. Repetition and consistency is key. There are a lot of things out there that can distract you from your goal ( including your own mind). But at the end of the day, you are the master of your own life. You have to put in the hard yards, yes;  but all it can take is 17 seconds to get the ball rolling. The Law of Attraction & the 17 second rule have played a huge role in the last 2 years of my life. There are so many resources out there that talk about the topics ( The Secret being on of them). For more information just jump down the Google Rabbit hole. It will do you no harm. 


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