Artist interview with emerging painter, Jesamie Floss

Image from the artists' Instagram

Image from the artists' Instagram

In the second half of 2016, a speciality coffee house in Brisbane opened its doors to local & international artists. The shop is situated in the Fortitude Valley on the main boulevard. Although small, the venue holds your attention from the street, with a sturdy oak church pew next to the door. Crossing the threshold patrons, artists, vouyers, coffee fanatics & foodies alike are welcomed into a tiny cafe rich in smells, sounds, tastes & visuals.

In celebration & support of emerging artists in Brisbane we wanted to have a little chat to the creators that call Reverends home for a few weeks. 




Painting by Jesamie Floss at Reverends Fine Coffee in Brisbane

Q What medium do you work with most?

A Watercolour mixed with pen & pencil

Q When did you stop giving a shit about what people think & started making art for yourself?

A Hmmm….there’s a story to this one. Probably when I broke up with my ex. We had a huge fight about it (making art). He pretty much said“why do art when you can just photocopy stuff on the computer.”… I didn’t draw for a while after that. Then after I broke up with him I thought, that’s enough of hiding away. So yeah that’s the moment when.  

Watercolour painting by Jesamie Floss at Reverends Fine Coffee

Q What do you want to learn/ how do you want to evolve as an artist in 2017?

A  I’d really like to learn how to do skin tones more accurately. I tend to do black & white for portraits. 

Q Which artists or themes do you find yourself referring back to when you make new work?

A  Theme is easy; I draw nude women. I make reference to my & other womens insecurities. Rose Ellen Swenson is a huge influence for me. She does skin tone really well.

Q What do you hope to achieve through your art? Professionally & personally

A  Im already doing commission work & that’s something I feel is a big professional achievement. But I would like to do some big scale works & murals. 

Q What is your biggest fear as an artist?

A That people will think its a waste of time. 


Watercolour painting by Jesamie Floss

Q What do you do to fund your artwork?

I work in hospitality & I do commission work for people. I always make time for my artwork & that brings me success. 

Q What is your biggest artistic achievement/most proud of?

A  There are so many things…This exhibition is exciting for me. I was apart of Yonder arts festival in Brisbane. I think just being part of the creative community in Brisbane is something to be proud of too! 

Q Hopes for the future?

A  I hope to continue making art & that I don’t get bogged down in what people think. I also hope I can always make time for art in my life. 

Q Shameless plug?

A  @Jesamiefloss on Instagram

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Artist in residence at Reverends fine coffee Brisbane. We talk with emerging artists about their fears, proudest moments, how their past influenced their artistic careers & what they hope for the future.