Awesome coffee near Osaka Castle || Japan specialty coffee

Osaka castle on a warm spring day

Whilst walking around Osaka Castle on a warm spring day I was hankering for a cold brew coffee. On that particular day, In the grounds surrounding the castle; there was a small market going on. Ladies were selling tropical plants & men were working in the food stalls, serving up Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki for the crowds. As I rounded the corner I set eyes upon a small van surrounded by a few tables & chairs. 

On the wooden table in front of the van was a v60 setup. I was ecstatic. I didn't have to settle for a poorly brewed Starbucks coffee (which was my only option before this point). I asked the kind barista for an iced filter & he gladly obliged. With a steady hand, he brewed my filter over a copper coloured v60 & it was delicious.

The owner adorned his van with the recent certification of his barista education. Although he was only level 1, it was evident that he was a natural & took absolute pride in his work.

If you are looking for an awesome coffee near Osaka Castle try Mirror Specialty Coffee. I can't 100% guarantee he will be near Osaka Castle when you visit but I can guarantee that if you buy a brew off this man you will be wholly satisfied. 

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Specialty coffee at Osaka castle in Japan.