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To cure those mind-numbing hours on the plane you may have picked up a novel at the airport. But what happens when you've finished your nail-biting tale & you're in a country that doesn't speak-a your language? In Japan, English text is hard to come by; unless you are looking at a subway sign or well-known brands. Despite the huge amount of bookstores in the country, finding a book in English is even more scarce. If you are in Osaka, or on your way there, I can help your sequential predicament. 

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You can find bookstores in Osaka left right & center but you would waste half your holiday searching for the English section in each. If it's not full of "Learn English" texts then it will have very limited options or none at all. Chances are, while in Osaka you'll be wandering around the famous area Dotonbori. If you're after a book & a coffee, your luck doubled for I know the perfect place.

Away from the hustle & bustle of the main drag of Dotonbori is Junkudo bookstore. On the 3rd level of the main building, you will find the HUGE bookstore. Pack a snack as you will lose hours here. In spite of the language barrier, I found myself picking up books & magazines. Especially in the travel section (google translate is amazing).

The English section is located at the back of the store

(walk past the stationary, take a left & then about 5 bookshelves down take a right. If you can't find it from the vague instructions I don't blame you. Ask a friendly staff member if you need help.)

Oh, and don't worry about reading a few chapters before making your purchase either. The staff don't frown upon people reading (or sleeping) before they buy. 

There is a Junkudo bookstore in almost every major city in Japan. 

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Now that your reading list is full for the rest of your trip you're likely to be seeking a nice beverage. Take a short walk down the road & you will find Osaru Coffee House. This little coffee shop has lots of comfy chairs to choose from. It also has an extensive list of coffee offerings. If you're a little peckish or you didn't find the perfect bestseller at Junkudo, Osaru coffee has you covered. 


The walls of the main area are floor to ceiling with wooden bookshelves. But before you can cross over to the reading nook you will need to take off your shoes. This may be a weird notion for some but it makes relaxing a whole lot easier. The owner is very eager to help you find you the perfect brew so don't feel shy to express your needs. The cafe itself is small but has a big personality. The ambient light from outside floods the room, giving off a golden hue. There are a lot of indoor plants, which gives the cafe a jungle vibe. 

There is a lot of monkey paraphernalia, but that's a given as the cafe's name translates to "Monkey". See how many you can find! If you can't stay for a drink, takeaway is also an option. Don't worry, you don't have to take your shoes off for this one!

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