Must try cheesecake in Dotonbori Osaka

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If you ask any Osakan what they are most proud of about their city, they would probably say “the food"  & for good reason! Osaka is world-renowned for its culinary delights, with takoyaki & okonomiyaki being at the forefront. If you are looking for the best place to eat street food in Osaka then look no further than the busy promenade of Dotonbori. Situated on the canal, this bustling hub of restaurants & stalls is a foodie dream boat.

But despite these outrageous boasts, I’m not here to talk to you about Takoyaki or Okonomiyaki as I would become another one of the thousands of online resources to talk about the matter. Today I’m here to talk to you about the best damn cheesecake you will ever eat. 

Pablo cheesecake is a must try for anyone visiting Osaka.


If there’s one thing I love about Japan, its when a very famous or busy store has more than one location within 200m of the other. You can find Pablo cheesecake in the busy shopping street of  Shinsaibashi or just before the bridge over to Dotonbori. Don’t let the lines deter you, infract when traveling abroad I let long lines guide me, as it means the place is going to be pretty damn good, especially if the locals are lining up. 

Pablo cheesecake is a must for anyone visiting Osaka. Located in Dotonbori its the perfect place to grab a sweet.
If you want to try the most perfect, fluffy crispy cheesecake in Osaka then look no further than Pablo Cheese cake. Look at that cross section!

Pablo cheesecake is the kind of place you visit at the end of your trip to Osaka because more than likely you’ll be sad to leave this amazing city. Now being sad isn’t a prerequisite for buying a cheesecake, but it sure does make devouring a whole cheesecake by yourself that much easier. Yes an entire cheesecake. Don’t stop at the little ones in the display, go ahead and buy a whole cake for a whopping $7. Thats right $7. You can share it if you like, but chances are after you take your first bite you’ll be fending off any wandering forks. 

The cheesecakes are made fresh daily, but I don’t need to tell you that, the proof is in the pudding (:P). It is so light, so fluffy & the crust, oh the crust is perfect. The skin of the cheesecake, which is branded with the Pablo seal of approval; has a slight lemon flavour that is easily pierced to reveal the mouth watering insides. Pair this baby with some seasonal fruit or eat it by itself. It doesn’t matter. This cheesecake rules. 

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When in Dotonbori you must try the delicious cheesecake by Pablo. Its soft & fluffy on the inside & the crust is oh so crispy. Its a must try for anyone visiting Osaka.