Where to find fluffy souffle pancakes in Harajuku, Tokyo


Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last few months you may have come across some gorgeous fluffy soufflé pancakes on social media. Hailing all the way from Japan, buying a plane ticket just to experience them is completely justified. This particular type of pancake originated in Osaka, however, you can find versions of the original soufflé pancakes all over Japan. Some places are more popular than others, with waiting lines up to 90 minutes long, & very limited windows for when the pancakes are available.

**** Its advisable to research cafes in your area heavily before venturing out as there may be conditions & time sensitive availability. 


In Shibuya, there are a few places that serve these famous pancakes. When walking down the narrow back alleys I saw some cafes with lines around the block. I will admit their pancake flavour options did look delicious, however, I decided to steer clear of these more popular cafes. The place I decided on was Burn Side Street Cafe, it had 4 pancake flavours, with added toppings for an additional price. We waited in line for about 15 minutes, & then we were seated promptly. The cafe was small & homely. 

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From the menu, I chose the tiramisu, whilst my partner chose the original maple flavour with added seasonal fruit. After about 10 minutes or so our order came out. WOW. When placed on the table, the towering pancake stack wobbled slightly like a plate of jello. They were thick but light in texture. Fluffy & oh so so soft. We inhaled our plates without a conversation between us. Just OooOoo’s & yum’s could be heard from our table. The bill was about ¥4000, however, in Australia, you would pay almost double that for a breakfast & coffee out.  

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In the surrounding alleys, there were a few small cafe’s, bars, craft, homeware & boutique clothing stores worth checking out. The main drag of this particular area of town is known for its shopping & luxury stores, so you can burn off those calories window shopping. You are also within walking distance of Harajuku & Shibuya. 



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When traveling to Tokyo you must try these famous Soufflé  pancakes.