Artist Interview Something Something turns table on Brisbane DJ scene

Im just going to start this blog with full disclosure. I thought about the title of this post a week ago & came up with the best name.  It was so good that I didn't have to write it down. I would remember it because it was so awesome. It was unforgettable...... Oh how wrong & foolish I am.... So now you have this pun. Its all I have; a scrap of what should have been... DJ gods have mercy on my facetious soul, for the ambition of these young Brisbane producers is no laughing matter. 

Something Something is a Brisbane based music orientated artist initiative, to be frank. To do them justice; Something Something is a group of young talented music producers who have come together to learn new skills & educate others. They are a vibration that is not afraid to be heard & felt within the Brisbane music community.

They were so kind as to let me interview them on their podcast & it made for some awkward talking moments...and none talking moments for me, but it was still hella fun. Their drive to create, explore & learn in engaging & exciting ways is what really motivated me to find out more about them. Hearing what they had to say about their movement was the highlight of my week.

Here is their live recorded podcast from the night. There will be no photo's. Only sick beats. 


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