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You can't go to Nara without feeding the cheeky deer.

After spending a good part of the day in Nara, patting & being bitten on the bum by some cheeky deer you're probably going to be a little thirsty. If you're anyone like me, you'll be hankering for a pour over coffee. Good thing I know the perfect spot! Tucked away from the crowds, is Tabi Coffee Roasters

The hallway to Tabi Coffee Roasters

Finding the exact location of Tabi Coffee Roasters is a little tricky. When you reach your destination on the street, you will find yourself at the mouth of a long hallway of shops & stalls. At the very back of this hallway is Tabi Coffee.  


The store itself has a long bar with a few stools out the front. To the right, is the roasting set up & behind it on the shelf are all the offerings for that week. 

Tabi was very welcoming & helped me find the best blend to suit my taste in no time. I opted for an iced Columbian filter on this hot spring day.  It packed an almighty punch that kept me awake for the rest of my stay in Nara.

Filter pour overs are your only option at Tabi, as there is no espresso machine. But don't let this deter you. If you have never had a pour over brew before I urge you to try it at least once. You never know, it might become your regular beverage (grab an iced one in the summertime to keep you cool).  Keep in mind that Japanese filter coffee scene tends to favour the darker roasts, so ask your friendly barista for their lighter roasted options. 

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Tabi roasters in Nara is situated at the end of a long hallway of eateries and shops.
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Tabi coffee roasters in Nara Japan is the best place to grab a coffee away from the crowds & cheeky deer.
Tabi coffee roasters in Nara Japan is the best place to grab a coffee away from the crowds & cheeky deer.