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Tips and tricks to improve your finances in 2019 START NOW!

How to save money in 2019. I saved over $20 000 in 2017 using these money saving methods. My friends were amazed & asked me to spill my secrets. If you’re wanting to save for your next holiday or to buy a new car these tips & tricks can help you get closer to your financial goals! Below are just a few ways I've saved a few hundred dollars & made a few hundred dollars on the side with very minimal effort.

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Artist interview with emerging artist, Joko Art

For two weeks, emerging artists in Brisbane call Reverends cafe in the Fortitude Valley home. The Starving Artist delves into the life of painter & illustrator; Joko Art, with a unique series of interview questions. Jokos’ answers shed light on his inspirations, the challenges he faces as an artist & what the future holds for his artistic practice.

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