Harrits makes the best handmade donuts in Tokyo!


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I don’t think there’s anything better than a good donut. There was a time in Australia, where donuts were the biggest craze. Now I don’t want to start shit, but all those candy covered, multicolored donuts were absolutely horrible. Not to mention the price tag for such a monstrosity. I'm not going to lie, I did buy one or two overpriced shitty donuts, but after the second one (shame on me) I was over it. The only donuts in Brisbane that I can vouch for are Nodo donuts. They are gluten-free & refined sugar-free, yes you read correctly! They are a bit heavy but my god are they delicious! If I could eat one every day I would be the happiest girl on earth. 

When touring around Tokyo, I was hanging out for a good donut. Now there are a few donut chains throughout Tokyo, one being Mr. Donut (not too shabby & they have soo many flavors to choose from) & the others being the donuts sold throughout Lawsons, 711 & family mart, as well as a few stores, whose names have escaped me. Despite the wide availability of donuts, I was after a really good donut. Not a chain donut. Not a prepackaged, 4 hour old donut. I was after freshly made with love donut. 


I found the exact place that made the exact type of donut I was looking for. The name of this quaint Ma & Pop shop is called Harrits. Its located a short walk from Yoyogi park, in the burbs. From the outside, the store doesn’t look like much but inside they have the most delicious donuts known to man. These morsels are made fresh every day by hand. Each delight ranges from  ¥150 to  ¥250 in price, which I think is a pretty good deal. 

The store only allows 5 donuts per person per day. So if you want to try their whole range I would recommend going as a couple or small group. We ordered their chocolate donut as well as their red bean flavor. Both were delicious. So light on the inside & oh so crispy on the outside. We washed down our treats with a lemongrass tea & some of their homemade ginger soda. I would highly recommend the latter. It was truly Oiishi!!