Artist interview with emerging mixed media artist, Tom Broadhurst

Portrait of Tom Broadhurst at Reverends Fine Coffee

In the second half of 2016, a speciality coffee house in Brisbane opened its doors to local & international artists. The shop is situated in the Fortitude Valley on the main boulevard. Although small, the venue holds your attention from the street, with a sturdy oak church pew next to the door. Crossing the threshold patrons, artists, voyeurs, coffee fanatics & foodies alike are welcomed into a tiny cafe rich in smells, sounds, tastes & visuals.

In celebration & support of emerging artists in Brisbane we wanted to have a little chat to the creators that call Reverends home for a few weeks. 




Q What medium do you work with most?

A Collage & analogue photography

Q When did you stop giving a shit about what people think & started making art for yourself?

A  Second year of university. I don’t know if anyone else liked what I was doing but i was excited.  

Q What do you want to learn/ how do you want to evolve as an artist in 2017?

A  I want to graduate honors & develop my work further. and continue to explore the idea of space. 

Collage by Tom Broadhurst at Reverends Fine Coffee in Brisbane

Q Which artists or themes do you find yourself referring back to when you make new work?

A  At the moment I’m really interested in the space in between expectation and actuality. I’m also loving David Lynch & Robert Rauschenberg at the moment. 

Q What do you hope to achieve through your art? Professionally & personally

A   I want to continue exploring ideas that I’m interested in and build my practise. Oh and get paid. 

Mixed media collage by Tom Broadhurst at Reverends Fine Coffee in Brisbane

Q What is your biggest fear as an artist?

A Being boring.

Q What do you do to fund your artwork?

A HAH Hustle. 

Q What is your biggest artistic achievement/most proud of?

A  Pretty happy that i graduated with a Bachelor in Photography last year, and getting accepted into Post Grad was kinda cool. 

Mixed media by Tom Broadhurst at Reverends in Brisbane

Q Hopes for the future?

A  Im honestly not thinking past this year. But I hope I can keep the momentum of making new work. 

Q Shameless plug?

A   Instagram  give me a follow. 


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Artist in residence at Reverends fine coffee Brisbane. We talk with emerging artists about their fears, proudest moments, how their past influenced their artistic careers & what they hope for the future.