Trailer Coffee Chiang Mai || Thailand Specialty Coffee Guide

Trailer coffee Chiang Mai. Thailand specialty coffee guide.
Trailer coffee espresso shot Chiang Mai. Thailand specialty coffee guide.


Sridonchai Rd, Phra Sing, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand

Keep your eyes peeled for a bright yellow Kombi van parked inconspicuously amongst some lush palms off to the side of the road.

Here you will find a ever strong group of young professionals enjoying a great cup of joe with their lunch.

There are two businesses in this small space. One serving hot lunch specials and the other being Trailer Coffee, serving up the very best coffee offerings.

In front of the van; the boys at trailer coffee proudly show off their contribution and achievements in the coffee industry. It became obvious to me that they take pride in their craftsmanship.

Trailer coffee Chiang Mai. Thailand specialty coffee guide.

I was told while shooting a few pictures that my coffee might take a little longer than expected. The grinder needed to be readjusted. I wasn’t concerned as I knew my espresso was in good hands.

Once the espresso shot was pulled it was time for the pour. Unfortunately, the first pour was ruined by every barista’s worst enemy: meniscus.

We had a laugh and I decided to take a picture of the coffee anyway. These are the trials and tribulations of creating the perfect latte.

Without a moment to lose another shot was weighed, tamped and pulled. What can I say, when I took my first sip it was well worth the wait. Creamy texture, strong bodied espresso. Delicious!

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Trailer coffee Chiang Mai Thailand. Thailand specialty coffee guide. Best coffee in Chiang Mai. Yellow Kombi van in Chiang Mai. Espresso and filter coffee. Hot lunch and coffee in Chiang Mai.