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While flicking through a few magazines at a local bookstore in Dotonbori, I came across White Bird Coffee Stand. I quickly added it to my ever-growing list of cafe's to visit in Osaka & decided to visit as soon as possible, as it was close to the Osaka station; which I frequented often. 

white bird coffee stand street view

The directions that google maps gave me were a little kooky. At first, it had me walking down the main road, which diverged around a concrete island, with a huge skyscraper. Then it prompted me to walk through a building to get to another main road. The building I entered had a kind of zombie apocalypse feel to it. There were stores, with hardly anyone in them, some didn't even have a sales assistant behind the counter & the whole building smelt like beef. The lights gave off a dim green hue that made everything look kind of surgical. I made the passage through the building with haste. 

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Coming out on the other side I was relieved to see White Bird Coffee Stand. I arrived at about 3 PM & the cafe was almost full. The bar was taken up by a few people enjoying some delicious looking cake & cold brews. The two-seater tables to the right-hand side of the cafe were home to a couple eating pasta & a few professionals savouring their downtime as they played video games on their phones. 

white bird coffee stand menu

I ordered a filter, with a recommendation from Sumika. Soon after finishing my coffee, I knew I had to have a slice of cake. My wandering eyes spotted a magnificent slice of cheesecake on the couples table beside me. If you go to White Bird Coffee Stand, ordering the cheesecake is an absolute must. If you leave without tasting this fluffy, moist, beautifully handcrafted morsel of heaven then you have totally shot yourself in the foot. 

white bird coffee stand cheesecake

After devouring my cheesecake I swiftly took one of the empty seats at the bar & ordered another filter. What can I say, I'm a sucker for an action shot. I chose Sumika's second recommendation & from that sparked a new friendship. We talked about coffee in Osaka & around the country. She passed me her phone to copy down the location of many cafe's she had saved on google maps; Osaka & Kyoto were dotted most heavily. I lament that I did not get to visit all of the places I saved, but it gives me more incentive to come back. 

After talking for a while, Sumika invited me to visit her friend in the neighboring town of Kobe. Saki worked at another specialty coffee shop so I was eager to go. I had never been to Kobe so this impromptu trip was super fun. You can read more about it here.  

After we visited Saki at Beyond Coffee Roasters we made our way to a gig at The Wex pub. The type of music played at this gig was one I was completely foreign to. A few of Sumika's friends were playing that night in a band called SANMOJI and boy did they ROCK! Their style was a mixture of Japanese rapping, reggae & rock. They had my whole body bopping to their unique beats. I didn't understand a word but it didn't matter. If you're in the Kobe/Osaka region I highly recommend you drop them a line to see where they are playing next. The energy they have is one of a kind. 

SANMOJI band playing at the Wexley in Kobe

I am forever grateful for the kindness & experiences that Sumika offered me. She is a beautiful human being, inside & out. If you are in the Osaka area I would urge you to make the trip to White Bird Coffee Stand. Sumika takes pride in her work & her love of coffee is present in every cup she brews. Even if Sumika isn't there I have faith that she has trained the staff with the same precision & love. 

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