Artist interview with emerging illustrator, Wilderfields

Illustration by Wilderfields

In the second half of 2016, a speciality coffee house in Brisbane opened its doors to local & international artists. The shop is situated in the Fortitude Valley on the main boulevard. Although small, the venue holds your attention from the street, with a sturdy oak church pew next to the door. Crossing the threshold patrons, artists, vouyers, coffee fanatics & foodies alike are welcomed into a tiny cafe rich in smells, sounds, tastes & visuals.

In celebration & support of emerging artists in Brisbane we wanted to have a little chat to the creators that call Reverends home for a few weeks. 




Portrait of Wilderfields at Reverends Fine Coffee in Brisbane

Q What medium do you work with most?

A 95% of the time I work with ink pen and paper, the other 5% is on the computer, mostly illustrator. Im slowly getting into textures in photoshop. But it always starts on paper, and I hope it continues to start there. 

I think it (a computer)  is such a powerful tool later on, butjust having a white page and a pen and having to map out mentally what i want to do is invaluable. If Istarted with a computer every time I think I’d get used to having a perfect square available to me, for example. Where as with pen and paper I have to force myself to make it “perfect”.

Q When did you stop giving a shit about what people think & started making art for yourself?

A  Hopefully tomorrow. HAHA. 

Actually, a few years back was on a cruise ship, and there was not much dot do so I just sat down & drew. I was in another country so I didn’t have any social interactions. So there was no pressure. And that was the first time I was excited with what I was making & I got inspired. 

I found I wasn’t enjoying myself when I was just googling what was trending & trying to put that on paper. I suppose its one in the same. I stopped caring when I started doing stuff that I was interested in.

Illustration by Wilderfields at Reverends Fine coffee in Brisbane

Q What do you want to learn/ how do you want to evolve as an artist in 2017?

A  I want to explore more concepts/things outside of art & then bring them into it.  An example is right now I’m very interested in meta cognition. Its thinking about thinking. I just keep thinking, I CANT STOP THINKING! How can I make that into tangible physical representation or form. Im interested in something & I want to share it through art. I want to have a lot more intent in creation. 

Q Which artists or themes do you find yourself referring back to when you make new work?

A  I have a shortlist;

Sachin Teng

Keaton Henson 

Shawn Huckins

In regards to themes I think I explore emotional states. Everyone feels more than what they say . Language will always fail. I love reacting to states of emotion or states of thinking, &what that looks like too yourself. To be in it.  


Wilderfields at Reverends Fine Coffee in Brisbane

Q What do you hope to achieve through your art? Professionally & personally

A  Professionally…. thats such a hard word. Its (art) something you put so much unprofessional time into. When is the end? When does it suddenly become professional? Personally, Ijust want my work to have intent. I want to commit to making it authentic to what it “is” .  Even if its not something that people like, but If I keep enjoying it then I should just commit to that feeling. 

Q What is your biggest fear as an artist?

A Making stuff that I’m not committed to but still doing it. Seeing it through and not believing in it. A fear of looking back and seeing years of trying to impress people. That would be horrible. 


Wilderfields: Actually, I had this really weird dream the other night. 

*Waiter clears the table* 

Waiter: Did you have breasts?


No…but that would be…something…bizarre…No, I was 40…50 years old on the beach & I was just madly depressed & I was thinking about my life & where it had gone wrong. I had all these memories…but none of these things have actually happened in real life & when I woke up I had to differentiate between what was real and what wasn’t real….SO yeah that would be my fear…

Digital illustration by Wilderfields at Reverends in Brisbane

Q What do you do to fund your artwork?

A It’s very cheap, paper and ink is very cheap. At this point I’m really trying not to have any commercial or financial agenda. This exhibition is the first time I’ve sold art without it being attached to a commercial thing like merch. Im still studying & I’m working at IKEA. I have the the ability to make art without it being a financial pressure. I wouldn’t mind working & never selling art. And then just one day start demanding one day for 10 grand….haha 

Q What is your biggest artistic achievement/most proud of?

A  This exhibition. Its the most comprehensive thing I’ve done so far & its the first time I’ve looked at work together instead of one on one. Now I think in terms of bodies of work instead of just singular. There is more narration to it, more story 

Q Hopes for the future?

A  Not dying. Avoiding Kanye at all stops. I want to say authenticity, but that sounds like a such a beige answer. People are selling authenticity. Its becoming a trend. Stay woke. Neglect sleep. Resist slumber. Don’t fight the future. 

Q Shameless plug?

A   Instagram #dasart


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Artist in residence at Reverends fine coffee Brisbane. We talk with emerging artists about their fears, proudest moments, how their past influenced their artistic careers & what they hope for the future.