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Tips and tricks to improve your finances in 2019 START NOW!

How to save money in 2019. I saved over $20 000 in 2017 using these money saving methods. My friends were amazed & asked me to spill my secrets. If you’re wanting to save for your next holiday or to buy a new car these tips & tricks can help you get closer to your financial goals! Below are just a few ways I've saved a few hundred dollars & made a few hundred dollars on the side with very minimal effort.

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The best way to explore a new city like a local!

Geocaching is creative tourism at its finest. As a slow traveller I love making connections to the places I visit. A rushed itinerary that jumps from place to place over a couple of days is just not my style. I love staying in one location for at least 2 weeks & being able to soak up the entire atmosphere without feeling the pressure of having to get to the next place. Slow travel has lots of positives, however there is one negative I have found. Being all consumed with one location doesn’t leave much time to plan for the next. So to overcome this issue, I’ve found a really fun & interesting way to discover a new city or location like a local; with little to no research required!

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Lazy girls guide to organising your life

Are you the King or Queen of tomorrow? Do you have lists that just keep getting longer? Are most of your personal projects on hold because they're too big to tackle? Is your social life a mess? Let me show you some tips & tricks to reduce stress, get your life on track & to organise your daily affairs more easily using the bullet journaling system. This is the perfect guide for uni students who need help with time management or studying.

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